Podcast MasterList by Beck Power

Podcast MasterList

200+ awesome podcasts that take guests, in the women in business, leadership, marketing and empowerment space. Guest on more podcasts using this list, today!

You need to get in front of more people.

You've got a message that needs to be shared. You just need more eyeballs - more brand awareness. You need to reach more audiences.

There's no better way to reach audiences than by leveraging other people's podcasts - 
  • Growing your email list
  • Getting clear on talking points
  • Telling your story
  • Expanding your reach
  • Helping more people
  • Getting more clients

The problem is, it's pretty annoying and time consuming to find suitable podcasts to guest on - not to mention getting your detective on and finding names and email addresses.
Even after all that, you're just scratching the surface: you've still got to pitch yourself and follow up.

This spreadsheet is a real head start, getting everything ready in one place, so you can just start emailing.

Before you know it you'll be booking multiple podcasts a month, spreading your message and expanding your audience.

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Bonus: Podcast Prep Worksheet

Filling out this quick worksheet before your podcast interviews will keep you on track, avoid rambling and give you a better perspective of what you want to achieve in each interview.


What kind of podcasts are on this list?

Women in business, entrepreneurship, marketing and leadership.

What kind of information is on the spreadsheet?

We've got the podcast niche, a description of what it's about, the name of the host or contact, and their email address - everything you need to pitch yourself as an awesome guest!

How is the list delivered?

After your purchase, you'll get taken to set up logins for the membership area - that's where you'll find the link to the spreadsheet. We'll also send it to you in your email to make sure you get it.

Can I give this list to my VA to apply to on my behalf?

Absolutely! If you want a little more help, we're also offering a short course (about 30 minutes) you can buy for your VA to train them on applying on your behalf ;) You'll get offered this when you purchase this product.

What's the refund policy?

Since you'll download the Masterlist right away, we don't offer refunds on this product at all.

All sales are final.

However, if you have any feedback or specific issues, we really want to keep improving our products and you can email us anytime at support@powercreative.me

Can I be an affiliate at 50% for this product?

Absolutely! We would love you to join the affiliate program. Email support@powercreative.me for the info.

I'm having tech issues with this product or purchase

Please contact us at support@powercreative.me

Is this list suitable for a life, business or other type of coach?

Absolutely, this list is perfect for anyone in coaching, consulting, speaking, personal brands, consultants, and more.

Who is behind this product?

We're not just another faceless internet product - we're an agency run by Beck Power, who has been featured in Forbes, Entrepreneur, Yahoo, Next Web, New York Mag and more.

Who is Beck Power Anyway?

Beck Power’s signature systems and online business frameworks are taking the content marketing industry by storm. 
Her podcast “Create More Content” and media company “Power Creative” help businesses to create and spread more powerful content across social media, grow their audiences and connect with their ideal clients. 

Beck’s on a mission to amplify positive messages, helping thousands of people to have more influence, impact and income.